Meet the Robins: New Series of Postcards & Keychains

What a productive Saturday Morning! 
With the power from a glass of iced coffee and rice porridge, I went to the printshop and met Ms.Vantiani there. We printed bunch of gorgeous knick knacks. Look at Ms. Vantiani's Juanita bookplate (I helped her with the layout and couldn't stop editing with Adobe Photoshop ever since), it looks reaaalllyyy goood! 
Now look at mine...New postcard series and keychains: "Meet the Robins", taken from my paintings (all watercolor on paper). Couldn't say more about it. Ecstatic.

Product details: 
- All "Red Robin" & "Blue Robin" postcards come in size: 10x15 cm (4x6 in.), printed in 250 grams white paper with aged look on the blank side.
- "Red Robin" & "Blue Robin" mirror keychain, size: 5,8 cm (2.3 in) diameter
- "Night Crawls Upon My Head" bottle opener keychain, size: 4,4 cm (2 in.) diameter

Oh, if you're doing nothing next weekend (April 17-18, 2010), I would really glad if we could meet at KumKum (Yuk Kumpul-Kumpul), Museum Bank Mandiri, Jakarta-Kota. More about Kumkum you could read at my previous blog post. These are for sale, if you want these curiosities right away, email me dindiepop[at]gmail.com

we love birds
Meet the Robins

ATC cards

Red Robin
Red Robin

Blue Robin
Blue Robin

Night Crawl Upon My Head
Night Crawls Upon My Head

Red Robin Keychains

Blue Robin

keychain backs


  1. iya aku mau banget tukeran dindie.....

  2. Nauli: Danke schön..:) ich bin auch sehr aufgeregt.

    Shali: can't wait to see you again, Miss Raw ;)

  3. Dear Dindie-thank you for visiting my blog! Isn't it great that we can "meet" people from all over the world via our blogs? great work-thanks for sharing:)

  4. Hi Soraya...thank you for looking around at my blog too. It's really cool to "know" crafty hands and artsy people out there, just like you :)

  5. Night Crawls Upon My Head... keren :D