Mittwoch Macht Frei: Mini Stamps by Yellow Owl Workshop

Before it turns to Thursday, it'd be better for me to post this one sooner. Well, today the electricity went out. I liked it, since almost every we're wired and wound up with electronica et cetera. Oh yeah, miss Vantiani texted with a surprising news about some stamps on design*sponge, so I forwarded it to my best friend, Julian. Both said, "you have to see yourself, these stamps are REALLY GORGEOUS!" I told him to send it. Then I  peeked and had the same thought as theirs.

STAMPS are becoming my next big thing after BIRD. It begun with making my own rubber stamp, following Geninne's blog and read this Yellow Owl post on design*sponge. Yellow Owl Workshop also got this correspondence sets, blank cards, prints and absolutelt those adorable STAMPS. Different from other seller at etsy, they packed the stamps on a pouch. So smart, indeed!

(all photos via Yellow Owl Workshop)

After a big storm of inspirational images, today I made myself a "postcard" stamp for my postcard series. Hence, I don't have to print on both sides, which means saving more pennies ;) I only have to wait for 1,5 hour until the stamp's ready. Here's the deal:


stamp 2

stamps results


  1. thankee :) lihat webnya si yellow owl bikin ngiler, stationery-nya sadis2 kerennya.