"Owl Are You, Matey?" Business Card Holder from Recycled Material

Since our last alliance (between the laces and I), I am more and more into working with fabrics. I tried a new book binding in accordion style (thanks to "How to Make Book"). Card container was made from used brown envelope. Still with the same technique as Miso Mucho Bowl: using acrylic paint to color the white lace. Wait until dry and glue it to cardboard. The owl design belongs to my magnificent friend Julian, then I copied it in bulk. Added few clear coats to preserve the lace and owls (you could opt for Krylon Paper Finishes Preserve It! Matte). 

This is the first time I worked with owl, I don't know, probably I related it with my recent habits to be awaken at 2 AM in daily basis. Then I called it my hybrid moment (haha, misfits it is).

this is how we make it tidy:ribbons

Side A

Side B

Inside the container

the card just fits in


  1. adorable work. I love the contrast of the lace with the owls.

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  2. @Julie & Leah: thank you so much :)

  3. This is very creative! Wonderful work.

  4. @moel: makasih ya muuul :)

    @mary: thank you very much ;)

  5. @Erri: ahaa! smart phrases! I'd try to make one ;)