Wallow (1-3)
ink on paper

I'm wallowing in other's disingenuous feeling.

(Of course I'm still in non-inktober team, but enrolling in Roman Muradov class, so you'll be seeing something like this quite often. This was from 9/30)

Mineral Dream House

By the end of September, I was joining Roman Muradov class "Digital Illustration: Drawing with Shapes & Layers" at Skillshare. I was unsure, since it involve things that I fear most in digital and traditional drawing: drawing with negative space and without outline.

The class objectives are to create a design based on 2 shapes we see around us and challenge ourself to use more irregular shapes, also experiment with screen-printing and digital techniques (adding and subtracting, overprinting, resizing) to achieve a balanced composition.

Here are some notes I made during the class:

1) Software: Photoshop CC 2015

2) Preparations:
  • colors I used: #EEA369 & #5EA8B2
  • brush: Kyle T. Webster Gouache A Go Go (the same brush too for eraser)
  • prepare to draw without outline (I'm not used to draw like this, so I had to adjust every now and then)
  • Things I saw in front of me:
>> Yasuhiro Yamashita's "Reflection of Mineral" house (I was googling Japanese house and suddenly it came up on the search result)
 (via Everybody Sucks But Us)

>> Yas Kaz's album "Virgo Indigo"

3) Things I learned from the class:

  • Use the bright color instead the mute one, CMYK tends to mute it down. If you're having a second thought and want to switch it to RGB in the middle of process, I think it'll leave you with disappointment. Stick to RGB or CMYK since the beginning.
  • Try several color combos using "replace color". Since you're doing each color separately, it will helps with indecisive mind. I'd prefer bold color, but it won't hurt if you want to go pastel.
  • Things that inspired most for the drawing are Yasuhiro Yamashita's house in Japan (I collect small pyrites, the house shape resembles to it) and Yas Kaz's album (for the color scheme). I know these are not really the project instruction, but it's something that lays in front of me by the time I started to draw.
  • You could turn up/down the opacity of each colors, if you find the default colors are too harsh. I did it for building's shadow or shadow inside the room.
  • Do not forget to switch between layers and colors!
  • 1080 x 1080 pixels is an ideal workspace
  • Using magnetic lasso or pen tools for more precise drawing, but I personally am a "Shift + eraser" type of person. Erasing is so much fun than drawing nodes.
  • Drawing with negative space is harder than I thought, but it's very rewarding if you finally finished a project!
I also try two other color combos:

(This is my first color choice before switching to purple-orange)

(I also try pink-green)


Awesome Friends Series

Awesome Friends (1)

digital drawing on photoshop (with Kyle T. Webster brush)

Between deadlines are the most creative time of my entire illustrating career. The feeling of uncertainty or unfulfilled are somehow became a good reason of why I create. Back in the time I felt unhappy with the day job, writing boring papers or waiting for endless feedbacks from clients, I came up with Daily Drawing, the visual diary I drew everyday. I even discovered the joy of drawing 11 years ago, as I got bored with my life as jobless undergraduate.

These past weeks, I worked together with a communication team to design conference collateral materials. In boredom, I discovered a Japanese illustrator, Nimura Daisuke. I showed his works to some of my team members and colleagues, they said "isn't this yours? I thought it was yours, it's so similar!" (thank you, but I think his drawings are more dynamic). Honestly, I could not stop thinking about his composition and use of colours days after. 

I tried 2-color scheme for these portraits of awesome girls I knew. I think I should call these series as "Awesome Friends". 


Value Study: Major Motoko's Room

Value Study: Major Motoko's Room (Ghost in the Shell) 
graphite on watercolor paper
21 x 15 cm

Creating the right value for a distant object is something I really wanted to learn. I quite often overdoing it, if not letting it way to loose (neither taking any clear form). This is my first attempt, surely more to come, especially the gleaming neon effect like Liam Wong's photographs.




ink on paper
21x 29,7 cm

Throwback to the point where I endlessly talked to this onion kids gang, Anaba, about what I really feel throughout the shitty months of 2018.

For a friend who passed away today, I'm still full of regret, I didn't believe my instinct to visit you earlier. So long, brother.




graphite on paper
29,7 x 42 cm

I began this tribute/fanart to two of my favorite character, Sathar (by Riandy Karuniawan) & Yar (by Hiro Kimura), in May 2017. Riandy, who built his universe of Sathar in dream-like color and straddled between reality and fantasy, and Hiro, a a Japanese artist who created package illustrations for 4 of my most favorite Atari 2600 games (Joust, Galaxian, E.T Extra Terrestrial and of course Yar's Revenge).

Sathar and Yar reminds me to be still even in toughest time, be persistence and continuously strive for clarity (yet frequently left in mystery). I often found myself drowned in hours of shooting down barrier to release Zorlon Cannon to destroy Qotile. I feel happy with bursting color appear on screen as the cannon took the evil down and staring endlessly to Sathar's fantastic, pink-turquoise dominated realm on my window sill.

Hiro Kimura took a brave step to use airbrush for the first time in painting Yar of Planet Razzak. Many times he pushed his boundaries in creating new work, Yar was his first package illustrations and also his first attempt in creating chrome surface. He was struggling mightly with it.

Also, I found myself in them time and again. Isn't it weird?


Look Inward, Three Times

Look Inward, Three Times 

29,7 x 42 cm
graphite on paper


Other pyrites and dreams related drawing Migration zum Sunbelt

Festival Ini Cerita Kita

Ini Cerita Kita_animate

Ini Cerita Kita
Digital drawing on photoshop


Festival Ini Cerita Kita bertajuk "A Quiet Experience" atau "Pengalaman dalam Sunyi”. Festival ini membawa kita memahami dunia tuli, termasuk cara berkomunikasi yang asik dengan teman tuli dan cerita soal akses pekerjaan bagi teman-teman tuli muda. Festival Ini Cerita Kita diselenggarakan atas kolaborasi antara Pamflet, Gerkatin Kepemudaan dan Sedap Films dengan dukungan dari Voice.

Di festival ini ditayangkan juga film pendek 'Toko Musik' yang diperankan aktris tuli berbakat Mufi dan Rendy Ahmad, vlog karya teman-teman tuli, serta pertunjukan musik oleh Semenjana dan West Jam Nation yang akan diterjemahkan ke dalam BISINDO (Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia).

Saya masih terkesan dengan pengalaman dalam sunyi di Festival Ini Cerita Kita hari Jumat lalu (25/5). Melalui vlog teman-teman tuli, saya menyadari ternyata sulit bagi mereka untuk bepergian dengan kendaraan umum dan pesawat terbang, karena sebagian besar petunjuk dan pengumuman disampaikan secara oral dan hanya bisa dimengerti oleh teman dengar saja. 
Semoga melalui program Ini Cerita Kita akan semakin banyak orang yg peduli untuk menciptakan fasilitas umum yg bisa dinikmati oleh semua orang, termasuk penyandang disabilitas. 

Kudos juga untuk kata sambutannya yang disampaikan dalam bahasa isyarat! 👋🙂👋 👋🙂👋 
Video ini saya buat berdasarkan ilustrasi saya untuk merchandise program Ini Cerita Kita. isyarat tangan tersebut artinya "cerita".


Cerita Suka Ria Remaja - Pamflet

  • "Cerita Suka Ria Remaja" (2018) adalah buku yang berisikan hasil pembelajaran kesehatan reproduksi dan seksualitas di sekolah-sekolah di berbagai daerah di Indonesia dalam program @pamfletgenerasi "Suka Ria Remaja (Seputar Kesehatan dan Ragam Informasi untuk Remaja) sejak 2015-2018. Tidak hanya dokumentasi kegiatan saja, tetapi ada teman-teman pelajar, guru dan orang tua yang ikut berbagi cerita di dalamnya. Ceritanya menarik, lucu dan mengharukan sih.

    Nah, apakah kamu sudah siap untuk mendengarkan ceritanya?
  • -----

  • Teks: Tim Pamflet Generasi
  • A.D: M. Hisbullah Amrie
    Ilustrasi & Gambar Sampul: Indriani Widiastuti
    Tata Letak: Julian Louis