Doilies on Sunny Monday

Mr. Black Pepper Crab, here's my doilies drawing since you made me numb on Saturday. I never thought you could do this to me. I took pictures of my new stuffs for Crafty Days #4 under 37.8 C heat. I thought it was the one who gave me this awful headache, but I was wrong.

(white gouache & acrylic paint on OPP paper, 2010)

I'm having this new brand for stuffs that my bestie and I made "mikisi curiosities etc." and it will be launched at Tobucil's Crafty Days #4:Play Your Magic Finger. Wait for the sneak peak at slora sauna on May 2010.

Songs on mood board:
Hypnotize - The White Stripes
I want to hold your little hand/If I can be so bold
And be your right hand man/'til your hands get old
And then when all the feeling's gone/Just decide if you want to keep holding on

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