The Tide is High

I never agree the idea of turning a museum or any historical places into commercial business, such as wedding hall, because their collection might get corroded by the invisible hands. Well, there are a BIG LETTERING said "DO NOT TOUCH" but the kids still touch it. Parents, do you teach them to read and follow the rules?

Yesterday my cousin's having his wedding reception at Gedung Arsip Nasional (museum of national documents). I found the museum's shop got interesting book selections, stamps, vintage enamels, birds ceramics (!) and other curiosities. They got an art catalogue by Pacita Abad (www.pacitaabad.com) "The Sky is the Limit" there. And guess what, the band's playing my favorite Blondie's "The Tide is High"!

sunshine after the rain

we called it garden party

taplaknya manis

lampu kecil-kecil

sendal teplek lebih baik

gedung ini menarik mata

(tempat ini mantap dikelilingi sambil mendengarkan lagu "Senja" dari Float)

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