Tiny Masks Party at School

Few weeks ago, I got this rare opportunity to teach arts & crafts at kindergarten with Ms. Vantiani. It's been awhile since my last arts & crafts weekender class. We made a super fun mask party with the kids! Not to mention, we did it in a eco friendly school. They're using oil barrels that were cut in half as a locker, scrunched papers to make a christmas tree, cotton buds (oh relax, they're new, not the covered-with-ear-wax one) as skeleton and shoebox as mailbox (this is absolutely my favorite!).
See another post by Ms. Vantiani about this tiny masks party.


more pictures on my flickr


  1. The shelf from barrels is so cool! And will appear soon here: http://littlenauli.tumblr.com/
    Hope you don't mind. Sumbernya tidak dilupakan :)