Mittwoch Macht Frei: inaluxe

Since I was a kid, my mum used to tell me my color mix had a dull, sulky tendency. I hardly paint with extreme vibrances. I mixed all blue with brown, red with green, purple with black or even enjoy it only in graphite.  I wasn't sure this was a good idea though, until I found the blog like geninne's art blog and this one: inaluxe.

turn on the light bulb above head, please?

Kristina Sostarko of inaluxe


  1. found you via vanillavain, oh kalian sama-sama hebat dan berteman, curaang! :p
    envy your time together di flea market, itu heaven sekali kayaknya.

  2. @Dita: iya, bisa kalap kalau bareng-bareng :) kita juga bisa hebat dan berteman kok Dita...;)

    @aphrodita: hehehe itu cuma punyanya Ms. Sostarko kok, dia sangat menginspirasiku