"That's What I Called An Internet Era of Dating," She Said


It was a perfect afternoon at the small coffee shop. The music was not that good, so I turned on mine instead (Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars & Lord Tanamo were playing). Everybody was staring their own laptop computers, meanwhile I only laid my ammos: scissors, sticker papers, knit hat and my journal across the table. As the tunes set into Michael Jackson's 'Billy Jean', suddenly the guy across the room couldn't stop tapping his hand to his lap. REALLY enjoyed it, I guess. At first I thought it would be ended as the MJ faded away, but I was wrong.

knit hat
good companion: knit beret

"Annoying," I said to myself, "do you think it will make you cooler in front of everybody? I don't think so. Sir, would you please stop it, I'm making my craft here?"

I was making this bookplate batch from my drawing. Printed on A4 sticker paper. I spent about an hour and half to cut 4 pages (!). Meanwhile, I saw from the corner of my eyes, there was a dating couple. Instead of talking to each other, they were gluing their eyes to their own computers. My, my...youngsters these days. If I were her, I'd rather kissed my boy than snogged with my own laptop. Ha ha. Strange.

my menu

cut off



  1. i agree on the whole too-cool-for-physical-contact thing. what's the fun in not kissing your bf? :DD

  2. it's not that "too-cool-for-physical-contact-thing", but more into "why-do-you-get-me-here-meanwhile-we-just-stare-at-the-screen-continuously-instead-of-doing-real-networking". kalo aku jadi ceweknya aku udah tinggal itu cowoknya.

  3. wiiiw, bookpklate batch nya baguusssss :))
    uuhm, mungkin pasangan itu pacarannya di gtalk,, haha...

  4. wehehehe emang kalau hand-made lama ya pengerjaannya. kirain aku doang yang gitu :P

  5. hihihi namanya juga hand made, kalo machine made pasti ngebut. kalo milk made (*maid, maksudnya) pasti manis hihihihi