Mittwoch Macht Frei: Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien & Alicia Bock

It will be never too late to post Mittwoch Macht Frei! This week's inspirational lady are Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien from The Haystack Needle and Alicia Bock from Bloom, Grow, Love. Since I'm into bicycles and printing matters this week, I found that their blog really suits my taste. 

Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien. This fantastic lady has been mesmerized me for her stamps, green living tips & decoration and also pictures of BICYCLES. No wonder, she's working as home editor at Real Simple and lifestyle editor at Redbook (that's quite an explanation!). Since I'm easily in love with everything related with bike, I love the way she put bikes in her green tips. And definitely would crave for Alicia Bock's Polaroid calendar as in her blog entry

I read about Hambone design, a pouch that you could put at your bike's frame, is totally cool! Useful for someone who bikes a lot.

This one caught my attention immediately, aside from the bicycle image, it also has my favorite thing in life: post-it.

Alison Bock, an amazing photographer also got tons of wonderful bicycle pictures, like one you can find in here.


  1. I always love your Mittwoch Macht Frei even though I don't know what the phrase means XD

  2. thank you Priscil, stay tune for another inspiring artists :)