Madness, Madness, I Called It Madness


Yesterday I got four-page-length letter with cute envelope. Today, another mail is coming. A medium size package contains:

madness checkered
madness white
 two 8x8 in. totebags

Chang Shan
scrap fabrics in size of DIN A3 & ChangShan, a handy sewing machine

Have You Heard Skull?
2 Felt plushies: crow and skulls

CD Covers
4 CDs with cool CD covers

....and notes from the sender

The totebags are totally rads! After long phone calls and emails for the brief instructions, finally the makers, Julian Louis & Komandantoro, finished it with the expected results. Soon, Julian's starting a new project at his office on fabric matters, like screen-printing on cushion/pillow sheets, plush, or just simply designing fabric patterns. I guess, they will be great in no matter of time. 
Oh, for more details on the bags please visit my Flickr page 


  1. yes, Ika...i love it soooo much! The makers, Julian & Antoro, knew exactly what I really want.