Mittwoch Macht Frei: Renata Liwska

[Mittwoch Macht Frei or Wednesday Makes Us Free is a new section I dedicated to all artists/crafters/writers/common people, who inspired me throughout the week (or so..)]

Keeping a sketchbook for an artist is like a Birkin bag for a fashionista. A must-have item. No matter how big it is, you should keep them close by your side. Renata Liwska, the chosen one to be my first artist's sketchbook at Mittwoch Macht Frei. This fine young woman I found over "Book by Its Cover" already made me fall for her delicate illustration. She did amazingly both in color or simply black and white with smooth cross-hatching. I adore it so much and cannot stop awe-ing ever since.

via Pandas and Such

via Book by Its Cover

Her excitement and fondness of Panda (and other animals) in most of her drawings clearly stated in her personal blog Pandas and Such. Her new book "Quiet Book", soon would be launched in April 2010.

via Book by Its Cover

Quiet can be delicate
Quiet can be thundering!
Quiet can be cozy
and can most definitely help you fall asleep


  1. here you are.... wow,, dindie,, you're such a great artist yaa rupanyaaaa.... oohh,, bisa2 aku ngefans padamu :)

  2. heheheh...danke Icha. not yet great, but I would love to be one.