Mittwoch Macht Frei: Hands On Inspiration

(this post inspired by the article in Make and Meaning)

The education system are created to meet the needs of industrialism. all things like being an artist or a dancer is no longer used in university. Sounds familiar with these? Suddenly, degrees are worth anything. The most useful subject at works are usually at the top in university. Things you like at school sometimes remain at school. By the time you got into university, everybody's racing to pass this message to you "don't learn art, because you're not going to be an artist" (YEAH, BIG TIME!). And you know what, many highly talented and creative people think they're not by the time get into college (oh yes, it's so damn true Sir Ken Robinson).

These 2 videos are extremely inspirational. the first one goes Sir Ken Robinson, and the second one is Dave Eggers (yes I love his book "Zeitoun") with the idea presentation of one-on-one tutorial centre that came up in the form of Pirate Supply Store :)

Sir Ken Robinson

Dave Eggers

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