"Flocks & Feathers" on Crafty Days #4

Well probably you're asking for what I've been doing all around? I am preparing for this craft fair, my first craft fair to be precise, under the name of Mikisi Curiosities Etc

(click the pictures to enlarge or just go straightly here)

Am I a bit exaggerating? No, I'm just too excited!

Mikisi is a long-distance collab project between Julian and I. He lives in Yogya, meanwhile I'm in Jakarta. He do all the sewing and screen-printing, meanwhile I'm drawing, hand-sewing, printing and marketing. The only things we do together (sometimes) is designing. The name came up out of nowhere and while we were pushed by deadline to find names for our products in submission. Well, if you're planning to come to Tobucil's Crafty Days next week, take a peek here first what are we gonna sell. (this is our very first dummy of this series, we guaranteed that the things we'll sell at Crafty Days are improved. Our skills are growing within process of sewing dozens of plushies and lunchbags :p). 
lunchbags (click on picture to enlarge)
length: 23 cm
width: 9 cm
height : 21 cm

matching plushie for the bags
(size: height: 5 cm)

available in Owl & Crow, too

dozens of plushie (see, it's improving right?)


notebooks (available in long-stitch & stab-stitch binding)

long stitch binding

And we got another babies on progress:
- Scissors Sisters Pouches (6x4 in, lining made from our craft failure fabrics)

(it was taken with mobile phone camera, so it's not that sharp)

- Bike Flag, available in red and yellow, both in bahasa Indonesia & English (inspired from Tall Bike parade on Critical Mass in Yogya (2007), I got one from my dear friend Sono and amazingly last week I read an article about Tweed Run here and everything seems matched this flag)

ready, steady, rocksteady all you crafty fingers?

p.s Wait for the next post for special announcement about the prices.


  1. aduh lucu pisan Din itu gambar-gambarnya!

    suka yang owl

  2. heheh itu desainannya Julian. Nanti bisa ketemu orangnya di crafty days :)

  3. halo mbak dindie..tote nya lucu bgtt..dijual?

  4. Hi Marga, thanks ya sudah lihat-lihat. Semua yang ada di sini dijual, tapi untuk pengiriman baru setelah crafty days ya :) Kalau mau beli langsung bisa datang ke Crafty Days tgl 29-30 Mei 2010 di Tobucil Bandung.

  5. looooh aku kok ga ngeh sih kalau yang dagang tadi siang di crafty days itu adalah Dindie ini. maafffff!! :P kepikiran pouch + notebooknya! :)) menyesal tak dibeli juga :D :D

  6. hihihi aku ngeh sebetulnya tapi takut salah manggil hihihihi. notebooknya kemarin habis, tapi pouchnya masih ada kok 25 ribu saja. Kalau mau pouch atau notebook yang mana di email saja ya Angki. Thanks yaaa :)

  7. ih kamu bukannya bilang, kan bisa foto-foto :P wah hebat bisa abis! kemarin kan sisa 2 atau 3 gitu yah? ok nanti aku email! ;)

  8. asiiiikkkk hore horeeee :) makasih banyak ya angki *wink wink*

  9. satu dari booth favorit di tobucil :)

  10. terima kasih Ms. Riama :)

  11. hello, boleh minta pricelist nya?
    i'm very interested :)
    just e-mail me indira.prisanti@yahoo.com

  12. bagus banget :)...itu screen print sendiri??? bisa beli kainnya ga die?? kalo bisa, email daku yah :D

  13. @ LIa: nanti kita bahas di email ya :) danke