For Your Eyes Only, Origami Fans

Forget about what I said in previous post, I'm so furious with those plushies, so I decided to unrevealed my origami classes in 2008. It always begin with a tendency of OCD. so I made these modular origamisx. I also got the bigger size (about knee-high) but already handed it to my friend's sister (both Donna, Kampret's sister & Fika, Nadya's sister). Well I haven't revealed this side yet, I guess?
This is for you modular origami fans, why don't you make it yourself and post it on your blog so I could see it too :)
they called these "units"

this one is the knee-high prototype


  1. jari panjang ajari bikin ginian dong..tak ajari bikin pesawat deh..

  2. pesawat apa? millenium falcon?