Yogya Calling: It's Only the Beginning

I made it! My first drawing in 2010. 2009 had been my glorious year in terms of painting, arts & crafts. I succeed in joining 2 painting exhibition in a year and one of them is quite kick-ass: BIENNALE X, Yogyakarta. Oh and not to forget to mention: Selected Works at Jiaxing International Cartoons and Comics Exhibition, China.

Yogyakarta, one of the best city in Indonesia I've ever known, which turns out to be my second home. Apart from the reason that I got my beloved one & bunch of close friends there. I love the art scene, their modesty and strong D.I.Y ethic. This piece hadn't been created there, though, but it somehow reminds me of how I want to do one thing in my life seriously. I always want to be an artist. 

The conversation between Ms.Vantiani and the foreign gallery owner few weeks ago was like a hard slap on my face.

"Where have I been?"
"What have I done to make myself a good artist?"

I haven't create anything since the last one I prepared for Biennale. After all these times I worked at the bookstore, I gradually forgot to use my paints and brushes. Damned me. 

A lot of chit-chats and signs that the universe (meh!) showed me lately, I thought I have to get myself drown in paints again. So, I've decided.

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