It Still Feels the Same

There are so many things that successfully made my eyes hardly blink recently. Here's the list:

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Yeah, well, I'm sort into Nintendo games for all my life. I like Nintendo above those super-excellency Playstation or X-Box. I had my first console years back then, two monochrome Gameboy, one Super Nintendo and the last one (for three years now) is Nintendo DS light. I never disappointed with Nintendo products. They are still good at displaying Mario & Zelda, both in color and monochrome. One or two years ago, I played this Zelda The Phantom Hourglass and found out not that interesting. But the force is strong with this one, yes I mean the Spirit Tracks. My eyes were glued to small touch screen with never ending swiping stylus. Now I'm in the quest of finding Fire Map on Spirit Tower after Ocean Realm.

(everlasting) Blank Journal
I like to make it, but not so keen to write it. This one I bought on my last trip at the price of 60 Baht.

But I really laid my eyes on Little Otsu journal by Jeremy Tinder
(via buyolympia.com)

Still, I'm thinking hard what and how to fill 'em...

I'm working in a bookstore that required 3/4 of my daily energy, even since the day one I worked there. Now as the new assistant store manager, it still feels the same. It won't get any easier. Wake up really early in the morning to open the store, by myself. None of my co-worker arrive yet at 9 AM. It happened every morning, until now. I want them to treat the store the same way as I do, but I don't think we all feel and think the same.

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