Where's the Message Hiding? Under Miso Mucho Bowl series!

Recent condition:
Too many beautiful scrap paper lying around the house, too many friends I've promised I would send mail to but I haven't do it yet (Entschuldigung, Leute!), too many wasted flyers I took from the workplace and too many exposure to Nick Drake, Pepepe, Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, Beach House and Sade (yes she got new album "Soldier of Love").

Cards with could-be-opened miso bowl. Inspired by the guessing game, where the bean's hiding?

But the different is, you won't lose if you guessed the wrong bowl, because it got different prizes hidden underneath.

The card also got blank side in case the message in the front is not enough to speak out your mind. I'm planning to make more of it, so stay around.


  1. oh this is just too cute. heart!

  2. thank you amesh, do you want one? i will be really pleased to send it to your address :) just email me your address. thank you.

  3. nice craft. appreciate this a lot!!! sell it on ebay hahahaha!!!

  4. thank you mas boy :) i will sell it online too, that's a brilliant idea.