Zelembar Zombie Zehari - 2

Inspired from Night of the Living Trekkies, Chapter 4: The Cage
Meanwhile, in a distant level of the hotel far, far away, Princess Leia Organa handcuffed by the wrists to the headboard of a queen-size bed. 
The man holding the key to her freedom was named Donnie Trill. he was a self-styled Web entrepreneur, videographer, and the closest thing she had to a confidant. They'd known each other for about a year. Whenever Trill needed a female model for one of his oddball internet video projects --and had cash in hand-- he gave her a call. 
[...] As Donnie switched on the camera, something thumped the wall above her head...a moan wafted through the wall...There was a second thump, followed by a short high-pitched scream.
"You need to shut them up," Leia said
Donnie turned off the camera and its light and then started toward the door  
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