RE:PULSE - July 4-31, 2015, MAKNA Seni Indonesia, Harmoni, Jakarta

This exhibition, entitled "RE:PULSE", has the participating artists engage with one of the critical issues among Southeast Asian countries: that of the perils of poverty, desperation, and labor. The case linking the Philippines and Indonesia gained major international coverage, resulting in relevant discussions regarding pressing matters such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, human rights, and extreme poverty and unemployment.

Looking at this massive web of issues with a shift in standpoint afforded when one has had enough time to step back and reassess what has happened – when the buzz has died and one can see the abandoned attempts at progress that died with it – the works do not seek to effect concrete social change but instead to engage viewers, stimulate their consciousness, and keep the discussion and peoples’ awareness alive and kicking.

The exhibition involves nine artists from the Philippines and Indonesia: the main actors in this bilateral negotiation pursuing resolution in settling the verdict made by the Indonesian government. The artists carried out their individual projects exploring different perspectives on this particular case.
Participating in this exhibition are Ahmad Hilal, Indriani Widiastuti, Rishma Riyasa (Indonesia); Brisa Amir, Issay Rodriguez, Joseph Gabriel, Kulay Labitigan, Katherine Nuñez, Lesley-Anne Cao (the Philippines), with curation by Asep Topan (Indonesia).

This is part of the series of exhibition projects which is hoped to be conducted annually in Southeast Asian countries. It is the second of the series, the first having been shown at PAN/// Project Space, 98B Collaboratory, in Escolta, Manila in 2014. The first exhibition, entitled "Objection", involved young artists from Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand.

“RE:PULSE” will take place in Jakarta at MAKNA Seni Indonesia from July 5 – 31 2015, opening with an Artist Talk involving all participating artists on Saturday, July 4th, 2015 starting at 3.00 PM.


Yasss! I finally got a chance to put up my works on group exhibition in Jakarta. Been working 15+ hours a day within a week to get all my work done and intensively looking at elephant's wrinkles. Please do drop by or join the artist talk

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