Rosemary's Baby (and Lavender too)

herbs pots
lavender buds
germinating inside
germinate on cotton pads

Working from home means more time to procrastinate and change your main focus into something interesting, like planting herbs indoor or dreaming of natural home fragrances.

I started to plant rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and lavender (Lavandula) in pots on March 13. Using pre-mixed coco peat and seeds from Paris Garden (available at Ace Hardware, Jakarta with extremely cheap per pack and contains sufficient seeds for more than 10 pots). Entering the third week, seeds mostly from lavender pots had germinated, leaving only three seeds on rosemary pots. Most gardeners said, Rosemary is rather difficult to grow from seeds. Hence propagating from full-grown Rosemary is highly recommended for novice.

Curiosity kills, as I always said to myself. Not enough with coco peat, I tried cotton pads method. Just like growing mung beans (kacang hijau in Bahasa Indonesia) and still it works ;)

Main key to grow herbs is less water, full sun and mal-treatment. Seriously, they will die if you're paying too much attention.

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  1. great share! and it makes me think to try it myself haha