Ocean Life

ocean life 1
ocean life 2
Sometimes I got easily drowned in any project, not a long-term one, but I can get really intense. Like my latest ocean life project here, I promised myself if I could draw 5 or more (a bit ambitious, am I?) underwater biotas from the book "All Colour Book of Ocean Life" by Martin & Heather Angel, I should give myself a sweet reward.

Thank you to Mr. Painsugar and his magnifico Cygnus Lab Project for all jaw-dropping moments each time I take a look at their works. Mostly done with ballpoint pen on paper.

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  1. Aaa, familiar feeeling. Me too, I tend to get my interest in many things (slash projects). *I always think it's a girl thing, getting easily distracted by many things :"> Anyway, good luck Dindie sticking to this one! Suka suka suka.