Ramen Lady

Who could resist a bowl of tasty chicken broth with noodles, seaweed and spring onions? Even my mother, or I called her "Ibu", would do a very long walk to get her delicious ramen. Last Sunday, I don't know for sure what kind of evil that got into her and possessed her feet. She asked me if I would go eating out with her and went by a bus. Walked from our porch to the bus shelter at 10 AM, I caught a glimpse of her "help-me-I'm-out-of-breath", then I hailed a taxi. Our bus trip was cancelled.

Never mind the bus trip, we went by feet to my favorite ramen house (usually go there with Ms. V and Mr. Frnss). Beyond my expectation, she loved it very much and she ordered a plate of scrumptious gyoza before we asked for the note. As she sipped her hot lemon tea, she shrieked. She found a strand of hair inside it. Euwh. Then she promised herself never ordered another drink besides the iced water (which is free).


  1. hwaaaaaaa,,,,jadi pengen makan ramen lagi...

  2. hi riesta, iya apalagi kalo kamu ngeliat ibu saya yang makan...bikin ngiler.