Bideo Killed The Ladio Staaaa

Rainy afternoon has been a really good friend of mine in last days of October. Mr. Rain, please introduce an acquaintance of mine, Mr. Shugo Tokumaru. He succeed in making my afternoon brighter and shine with laughter, though I have to walk under the rain for few kilometres before I catch the bus. I find myself really enjoy knitting Möbius strip cowl now. Not finished yet, but sure do within week.

(images via INDIE 2.0)

Anyone, please set me up on a date with him.


  1. Thank God for Shugo! XD
    aku lagi seneng banget ngulang2 Future Umbrella nih :D

  2. iya cecil di sini Shugo manis sekali ya :) Future Umbrella tadi aku denger pas lagi lari pagi.