"Dune 4.1" on Erasmus Huis, Jakarta

"Let's meet up this saturday", she said. So we went to this super cool exhibition by Daan Roosegaarde. An interactive landscape art combined with motion technology, "Dune 4.1". Inspired from greeneries that grown sporadically in dunes. It would be better for him if his arts left traces in the audience's mind and applicable in daily life.

This high-tech Dune received various reactions in many country. Such as Slovenian elders refused to get close to it, since they still got imagery "walls have ears" from back then. Probably they thought, this project was somehow a govt secret project that could sent them to jail or else. For Enggar and I, who visited this in 2010, it's an exhibition where we could shout as loud as we could and no one there to bother (it was dark, by the way). It's Enggar who talked behind the camera and I'm the one who running about the Dune and say "aAAAaaaAAAaaa".

Erasmus Prersents

Dune 4.1

Feel Free

blinking Dune


Hr. Roosegaarde

my art should be like this

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