Charming Bikes

Like Ms.Vantiani latest addiction, I'm starting to go crazy about postcrossing. Today I spent my morning at the post office, sent 3 postcards and bought several stamps. As I got home, I saw a candy-shape package on the desk. It's from Dita! I never thought it would be this fast, since she said she just sent it yesterday afternoon. Thank you so much, Dita!

Ketika saya pulang dari kantor pos, saya melihat sebuah paket berbentuk permen raksasa di atas meja. Ya ampun, Nona Dita Maulani baik sekali! Ia mengirimkan saya paket berisi charm bracelet dan berbagai kesenangan lain. Terima kasih banyak yaaaa Ditaaaa...

inside the plastic

giant candy

bike and autumn leaf

more bikes

d.i.y bracelet


  1. the postcrossing project is pretty cool. am thinking of making an account and start sending postcard :)
    how many you've received anyway?

  2. I haven't received any postcards yet, since I only started with sending 3 postcards. You will receive postcards from random user after you're sending 5 postcards to random user and received by them.

  3. I am wondering about postcrossing project too, Dindie. Think that gonna be fun.
    Happy that you're happy to receive surprise! Can't wait to hold mine :D