"Awan Jahat"

("Awan Jahat", 21x15 cm)

I began this drawing as my micro diary in DIN A3 format, but I did a moronic mistake on the prior paper so I switch it to smaller size. I called these mushroomy-atomic bomb-clouds as “awan jahat” (a thunder cloud in Bahasa Indonesia) diary. The main idea of awan jahat is I need a way to express my feeling through strokes and shades, instead of certain object such as human, bloods or whatever. I have to be honest, it is the only way I deal with negativity, that surrounds me at the moment.

I used HB and sometimes 2B graphite, I just mixed it on my mechanical pencil. Until I stroked it on paper, I totally have no idea which is which. So, the color or dark-lights did not necessarily depict my feelings on that day, their shapes probably did. I won’t tell you exactly either. It took me more than 3 weeks to finish it,

While I’m working on smaller size, I also remake this "awan jahat" on its OG A3 size. I consider this is my tiny-frog-leaps for next year, I am eager to do bigger size, e.g. on DIN A2.

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  1. setuju banget dengan metode ini, i do the same things with my works. semangat dindy~

    1. Terima kasih Rega! Ini gegara kertasnya jelekan jadi dia gak kuat terlalu sering diusek-usek. Moga-moga habis ini udah nggak kayak gini.