On Your Mark//Braindump 011

"Fishy" (2016, 21x15 cm, india ink & marker on paper)

"Weekend (1)" (2016, 21x15 cm, marker on paper)

"Weekend (2)" (2016, 21x15 cm, india ink & marker on paper)

Inspired by Marishka Soekarna's #hengotdirumah hashtag on instagram and Carla McRae drawing, I dare myself to go quick-draw with marker. I find it is kinda hard for a person who used to draw with graphite or water color. Marker tends to be streaky and uneven for me, although some people says Copic is not streaky at all. Then I tried many illustrators recent fave, Winsor & Newton Promarker and Brushmarker. It is way cheaper than Copic markers, but not as cheap as Finecolor (Copic-on-half-price-sister).

I sometimes forgot not to mix the water-based and alcohol-based ink, so it bleeds. It is not an awful one, but you'd better be careful. For black parts on "Fishy" (top) and "Weekend (2)" (bottom), I used Dr. Ph. Martin's Black Star Hicarb ink, for they never fail me on consistency. Either Matte or HiCarb, they are SUPERB! Thanks to Yuko Shimizu who recommended this on her Skillshare class. On "Weekend (1)", I used black Sakura Pigma Calligraphy medium brush. The consistency is sooooo awful, but it excels on price and practicality. Perhaps for drawing on the go (or opt for Pentel brushpen).

My take on Winsor & Newton Promarker: it's a cheaper alternative to copic, with wide-range of colors. Chisel tip is slightly bigger than Finecolor, but bearable. The smaller tip is way too small, but not ideal too for detailed work. Rate: 3 out of 5

My take on Winsor & Newton Brushmarker: weird brush (way too soft) and uneven strokes, limited color compared to Promarkers series. It is good for larger area. Rate: 1 out of 5.

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