As I dug deeper with other client-oriented projects, I drove away from Radio Semut. I cannot cope with the broadcasting schedule, which I set it up on my own and feel overwhelmed by it. Hahaha. Broadcasting on internet radio is so much fun, I made new friends with listeners from another country. If running a radio supposedly done by a group of people, then slowly turned out to all operated and produced by a single person, it is no longer fun.

Nevertheless, nothing can stop my love of music or making a compilation for myself or others to listen to. Soundcloud seems did not accommodate this purpose, 8tracks I've loved got more complicated hence the copyright infringement for international user (ahem, third-world international user, ahem). Now on my own, I learned how to pre-mix my mixtape on Garage Band, threw in some album art and uploaded it to Mixcloud.

Recently I have two weekly mix and one random playlist, I took the title Randomist from my previous show on Radio Semut. Here's some of the mixtapes, in case you're looking some tunes to accompany you in filling paperworks and do some fun stuff.

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