I'm airing on Mixlr!

radiosemut is on Mixlr

I'm airing in daily basis with this cool apps, Mixlr, under Radio Semut. Sometimes I read stories and blasting the stereo with my favorite tunes. The latest one I've done is inspired by The Martian. I was expecting at least one Bowie's song in each sci-fi (or sci-fi drama) flicks I've watched, and 'Starman' is one of them.

If you're missing out some of the live show on Radiosemut, worry not, you can replay them just like podcast. I think it's like the Periscope app, but in radio format and sans 24hours-then-we-erase-it policy. As optimistic & being resourceful and MacGyver-y for a botanist in space as Mark Watney , I am looking forward for the exciting adventures with the founder and fellow broadcasters in Radio Semut. The mixlr app can be downloaded for free (iOS & Android) or go straight to the website. Chat with us during the show, if you login (you can connect them with your facebook).

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