My Own January Cure: Blog Revamp

Blog Revamp
I am revamping my blog starting this month. I know it's going to be a slow-mo, but I really need a blog-lift for past 4 years been sticking to the same template and 2-3 years with the same header. Start today with turning all-white and using brighter teal for links and post title. Please worry not, the site is still up.

(January Cure is annual project run by The Apartment Therapy, to get our home under control, fresh, clean and organized. The things will be done in one manageable step at a time, during once-a-year-only. And what makes it so cool, is we're going to do this together!. -err...well this is their official manifesto, being paraphrased. I decided to have my own January Cure with my blog)

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