A-a-a-a-nimation for Dummies

Thank you for both: Julia Pott who changed my view about how animation supposed to be, concept become something that really matters, way beyond the techniques, and Lisa Congdon's podcast in My Love for You had inspired me to take a brave new step in my life. I'm taking animation a bit more seriously. I took a basic course twice a week, after hours. Probably it will took me a 2 million light years to be something like those geniuses.

This (very) brief Flash-based animation is a self-introduction in the class. It supposed to tell others about your name, what's your hobby, what are you doing in pastime, etc. Oh here we go: My name is Dindie, I like to knit, I run a silkscreen print stationery shop Mikisi Curiosities Etc. (with Julian), I'd be happy to have a dutch bike with a basket and how I wished I could draw more birds nowadays. I made it within 2 hours, without any prior knowledge of flash. Jitterbug!


Good Things Come in Small Size

"Dot" for Nokia Commercial

the making of "Dot"

I agree to a proverb "good things always come in small size". Hail to Sumo Science!


Instax Love

wire hanger

At first I was a bit skeptical with all Fuji cameras and films, Neopan, Fujichrome, Fujica, Finepix and even this one Instax, or Cheki 7S. Fuji has widely known for its strength in green-blue scheme, meanwhile I always believe in Kodak yellow-red for sometimes it makes picture feel warmer. After the magic of moon photographs and instax refilling, I guess I have to shut up and do the work instead. Afterall it's all about how to make these things work for you and your needs.



otterific close up
wif Qissera

Ongoing projects:
1. Developing otter sketch
2. Thanks to Ms. Qissera for lending me her fuji instax 7s. She's the one in hot pink top and you could easily guess who's the cuckoo beside her.

Fixing A Hole

(WARNING: Sorry for unpleasant picture of legs wide opened. Viewer discretion is advised)

Tack Gun
how to-1
stretch as you go
tack it near the edge
Refurbishing Screen-1
Fixing broken silkscreen is not as tough as it seems. Even I could do it on my own, but still need helping hands to stretch out before you tack the second row. Jules and I don't have a proper studio to work on our stuff yet. Our bedrooms are still quite sufficient, we've already proved that! Within an hour and a half we fixed ALL (5!) silkscreens and change another three with larger mesh. Five among them were broken during the cleansing process. Too harsh.

New Series in Mikisi Curiosities Etc.

Put yourself together and the boots on your feet, 'cause we're all gonna do the stompin'! Check the latest series in store, from the space theme to the whimsy foxes.


Talent Isn't Much Without Passion

(the picture found in the interview with Ms. Shyama Golden)

Definitely TRUE. 
"Capital", as Lord Grantham of Downton Abbey may say.


Walnut Squirrel Sister

hello lasses
open the oven
cooking squirrel
I'm starting my new-found cuteness collection: sylvanian families. This one is too short for the stove, it's  the mother who should've cook. The walnut squirrel sister bake or go on a school camping trip. I will expand my collection very soon.

My Moon, My Man

(Full moon | Domino's Pizza patio | February 7, 2011 | Finepix S2950 w/o any post processing)


Hiburan Hari Sabtu: Hellofest 8!

HelloFest 8 Anima Expo

(klik pada gambar untuk versi peta & diagram yang lebih besar)

Mari teman-teman, yang Sabtu ini kurang hiburan di rumah, awal bulan saat yang tepat untuk beli-beli mainan atau barang kerajinan tangan dan lihat film-film animasi keren. Ada cosplay-nya juga dari KostuMasa. Acaranya dibagi di dua venue, untuk Pasar Hellofest lokasinya di Kartika Expo, Balai Kartini (masuk dari arah Jl. Denpasar). Untuk nonton cosplay KostuMasa dan film animasinya, di gedung yang biasa dipakai buat pesta pernikahan di bagian depan. Mikisi Curiosities Etc. ada di Pasar Hellofest booth A-24. Selain Mikisi, ada beberapa teman kami juga lho, misalnya Vantiani & Friends (ada Miss Shalimma juga lho) dan Apanamanya.

Kami punya banyak barang baru yang akan diupload previewnya di blog Mikisi esok hari (Jumat, 3 Februari 2011). Dari pengalaman tahun lalu (Hellofest 7), sebetulnya Pasar Hellofest ini seperti ajang preview barang dagangan baru Mikisi. Biasanya karena terlalu senang, kami suka kelupaan untuk foto-fotoin barangnya. Tahun ini kami mau menghilangkan kebiasaan jelek itu. Hehehhe.
Sampai ketemu di sana ya :)

p.s. mohon maaf gambar poster yang diberi oleh panitia ukuran mini (terlalu piyik untuk publikasi), sehingga ketika dipasang di blog dalam ukuran besar jadi ambyar.