A-a-a-a-nimation for Dummies

Thank you for both: Julia Pott who changed my view about how animation supposed to be, concept become something that really matters, way beyond the techniques, and Lisa Congdon's podcast in My Love for You had inspired me to take a brave new step in my life. I'm taking animation a bit more seriously. I took a basic course twice a week, after hours. Probably it will took me a 2 million light years to be something like those geniuses.

This (very) brief Flash-based animation is a self-introduction in the class. It supposed to tell others about your name, what's your hobby, what are you doing in pastime, etc. Oh here we go: My name is Dindie, I like to knit, I run a silkscreen print stationery shop Mikisi Curiosities Etc. (with Julian), I'd be happy to have a dutch bike with a basket and how I wished I could draw more birds nowadays. I made it within 2 hours, without any prior knowledge of flash. Jitterbug!

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