Changing Neon

Crazy Color
Crazy Color 2
Wise man says, staying too long in our comfort zone means death to creativity. I took this quote seriously by buying series of subzero brushes (read: brushes that comes in size 0 or below, which means 0,00,000) and changing my color palette into mostly bold color. I already printed them in series of greeting cards.

By the way, Mikisi's greeting cards and note cards are now available in Alun-Alun Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. (I have these in postcards too, only for special order or upcoming bazaar)


  1. sukaaaaa :D jadi pengen ke Alun-Alun sekarang :D

    1. Halo Cecil, terima kasih :) Tidak hanya desain ini saja, kartu-kartu Mikisi dengan desain yang lain juga bisa didapatkan di Alun-Alun Grand Indonesia, coba cek bagian gift & wrappings atau di bazaar christmasnya. hope this will help!