Custom Bookplate Illustration

Bookplate sketch
Halfway there
Stick em inside the notebook
It was pretty early in the morning as a college friend buzzed me. She was looking up at google when she accidentally hit slorasauna & mikisi. "I hardly believe that now you're selling artsy stuff, is it new?" she said. We did some catch-up and ended up with a notebook order and an add-on quote. She agreed with my idea of a quote sticker, since there's no way to screenprint another small size quote inside the book.

Morning seems to be my greatest partner, I awake at 4 this morning and sat up on my desk, leafed through bird-watching pocket book. A red robin would be great! I took some time doing rough sketches -god knows how hard to draw again after awhile- and finished with the sketch. Transferred them to sticker paper afterwards and put the color on.

While inking, I was thinking of a person she's going to give this notebook to. Her friend is a young, smart fresh-graduate, whom recently pursuing scholarship abroad. Hence, red robin or generally, a bird theme, would suit her fine. It's about going far away, with all forces we had and hopefully it might leads into a good life.

"Doaku adalah caraku untuk memelukmu dari jauh" (My prayer is the one that hold you when we're apart) really hit the spot, I kept reading it all day long.

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