"Life Is About the People You Meet, and the Things You Create with Them"

Be a cyclist is somehow a bit overrated now. Though I'm not riding my small bike, Coro, to commute everywhere, but still I'm getting emotional with beautiful video about people on a bike. This Holstee Manifesto: Lifecycle Video (via swissmiss) reminds me of how hard I am trying to please everybody, to understand their circumstances, not to easily snapped at them, or simply blame them for their music taste (it's so hard not to do it, worst taste in music is irreparable). I should tell myself I shouldn't do that all the time. Blame it on watermelon ring.


  1. hai mba dindie, lama sekali g saling sapa. apa kabar? azh mengagumi coretan2 mba yg unik2 bikin sirik.hehe dari dulu pengen bisa ngegambar tp pasti jelek.ohya, azh share video speda ini ke fb yaa.lama bgt g naek speda:(makasih telah berbagi:)

  2. Halo azzah :) boleh saja dishare ke teman-teman yang lain, karena video ini memang bagus menurutku.

  3. Very beautiful, true and inspiring video and words :)

  4. Oh I LOVE the feeling of your blog with the new banner and all. Not that happy cheerful feeling obviously, but still amazingly pretty. May the new year bring us all a new path of live, Mbak Dindie.

    Thank you for being there, being you and being inspiring.