Oi, Skinheads, I borrowed thy bleachers trick

bleached t-shirt closer look we supposed to wear it like this

I always trust my gut to try something that I really want. I know there's some local brands who got similar product, but I don't feel like I'm going to buy it. Like most of people who visit a craft booth and suddenly inspired to do the same(but they didn't make it at home eventually), I encouraged myself to do my own camo-jeans skinhead style or bleachers. Only with two caps of undiluted bleach (I used Bayclin) and toothbrush. Splattered them arbitrarily. Leave it a bit longer if you want the splats turn white.

Thanks to Shalimma, who kept repeatedly do the galaxy fashion spread during office hours. Ha! We both easily tempted. Her with my daily drawings and I with her galaxy fondness.

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