For the Love of Bike: Yellow BMX Fingerbike

yellow BMX fingerbike
fingerbike up
mini spare parts
mini yellow fingerbike

Jules found this at the toy store, after I talked continuously about another BMX toy we found and it's so pricey. He said it's ridiculous for a plastic toy, he'd bought it if it was a die-cast like tomica.
Then he found this baby, which also comes in very seductive red and waaaaaayyy cheaper than the cranky plastic. The good news is: it's a die-cast.

I've tried few times to play some trick, can you imagine that it has real-working brake if you press down the button on the handle bar and seat? or a real-working crank and 360 degrees spinning front? It's beyond expectation. Imagine Tech Deck fingerboard, but in a shape of bike.

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  1. jadi penasaran ngeliat gimana maeninnya. kayaknya lebih susah dari fingerboard y? :)