Five Steps: Dave Brubeck Quartet's Take Five & Radiohead's 15 Steps Mash-up

Back to the root, I'm listening to be-bop and other classic jazz pieces for weeks. Now I missed them so much and they still sounds good after all. It's not a post jazz festival syndrome whatsoever, I've never went to a jazz festival. Not a single one.

Today, I read the Jakarta Post, "Legendary jazz drummer Joe Morello dies at 82". I wonder who Joe Morello was and continued reading. Unsatisfied, I was off with "in Google we trust". Oh wow, discovered that he played in The Dave Brubeck Quartet and famous for his drum solo in "Take Five". My oh my, Take Five is somehow like one of the overplayed song I've ever known in my entire life. In the TV commercials, TV shows intro, radio shows, ringtones, anywhere, you name it!

I'm drowned in this marvelous quartet today. As a band, they hardly stuck with the same band members, but this line-up consist of Dave Brubeck himself (on piano), Paul Desmond (alto saxophone), Eugene Wright (later on, he's known under the name Gene Wright. on double bass) and Joe Morello (drums), stuck together for 9 years (1958-1967). I never realized that Joe Morello was the one who played the famous drum part in "Take Five". They got many beautiful pieces (and remakes) that still make my heart swooned, such as Blue Rondo a la Turk, Unsquare Dance, It's a Raggy Waltz or even Stardust and Take the "A" Train.

Morello recorded more than 60 albums with the quartet. Besides the famous Take Five, Morello also soloed using only his drumsticks on Unsquare Dance. After he's been disbanded from the quartet, he focused on composing extended orchestral and choral works. He's more into teaching and writing instructional books, meanwhile appeared occasionally in guest solo performances or with his own New York-based band.

Meet this talented young man, Overdub, who mashed-up these two brilliants, Radiohead and Brubeck Quartet, at youtube and they provided free MP3 of this song to be downloaded here

A damn good mash-up by Overdub

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