Feb 14-15

feb 14-15

Hello You,
I'm going to go on a research workshop for a couple of weeks, so I'll be in a blog vacation (again). Before I left, I'm posting a very belated daily drawings. I'm trying hard to keep up with it daily, but sometimes it ended as 2-3 days or even weekly round-up drawing.
Well, see you soon, darling.


  1. Seadainya ada fotomu mengenakan rok. It's the first time I know you wear skirt too. :)

  2. Angki: yaaayy!

    Todo: that's why I drew it, because I'm not into taking picture of what I wore today :) I'm a skirts and shorts person actually.

  3. dindie, have i told you that i miss your drawings? err, no, i guess i haven't. so this is it.

    i. miss. them. so. bad.

    i do hope this is not your last one. ♥

  4. Miss your daily drawings, luv....

    and your blog post too