Bring the Old Back in the House: My Own Version of Star Wars

I collected few micro machine Starwars figurines from episode IV, V and VI. Sometimes I recreated a scene in the movie using things around the house. Here's some left over (before the olde camera's broken):

"We are made to suffer, R2"

"It's not always about you, my Lord"
(Lord Vadder never realized, they're talking behind his back)

Could someone take Bantha's hair off of Obi-wan's robe?


  1. these are wonderful :D

    happy new year my very talented friend :D

  2. I didn't know you like 'em too.... awesomeness!!!

  3. @ Angie: thank you have a wonderful year ahead.

    @ Shali: hohohoh...big fan of Star Wars, Shali! Kinda surprising probably :P M.Night Syamalan said "Everybody has secrets, what would a world be without secrets?"