Woody Woodcutter

The loved one gave me this set of woodcut knife on my last birthday and not to forget to mention the hardboard (that already cutted in smaller pieces). With his tutorial and his mouthwatering woodcutting equipments (yeah, he's got those super cool Japanese set with rubber grip. I envy you, boy), I tried to make my own woodcut. Different from knitting, that sometimes took days to finished a single project, I can finished it within hours. He took my woodcut to his place and stayed for months there.

Few months later, he sent me these...the woodcut prints! He said he gave away my prints to an Australian artist, who's going to go back to her country and make some Indonesian woodcut prints exhibition. A bit cheerful I am. I think his town is the most supportive art scene I've ever known, really good for art piece exchange to and from all over the world.

this is mine

his print

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