Kring Krooonngg

Bicycling, is one of the most fun activities I've ever known. After 2 years of waiting, I finally own a BMX, not a Haro one, but really good for me. Never mind the bollocks! Then I got a chance last week to give it a try on a car-free day. It took me not only inside the car free day area, but from my home-workplace at Kemang-Blok M-Senayan-Semanggi-Sudirman-Bunderan HI-Monas-Harmoni and back. I wished I could go further, but I got up an half hour late from the appointed time with my friend. tsk. Sorry matey for being up sooo late a night before. 

Today, I took a different route and shorter time. Only 30-45 minutes around the block. I'm alone with my new helmet and an analog MP3 player (which is exactly my mouth shuffling songs I remembered). 

I really enjoy my ride three times a week, two short-time at workdays and longer on weekends. Hope we could see each other on the road soon. 

And by the way, I seriously named my bike "CORO", a javanese for cockroach, after mockery for my friend's bike name (that he named it after his ex-beloved one, tsk.). I promised him that someday if I got my own bike I'll take Coro as its name. And I've done it. Ha ha.

after the long ride

mine is the on the front

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