Ja, ja, I'm making another craft for my bf and close friend of mine. For my friend, actually it is a swap for his kindness making me silkscreen print Tees and a plastic full of patches from my drawing. And for my bf, it's kinda birthday present for him. He's having a birthday last week.

Here's my first attempt in embroidering on cloth. I used Indian cotton strips for sugaring/waxing and soaked it in tea for a night or so. I got another one,with pink floss but apparently I forgot to take pictures of it. Tontita!

For knitting the mug cozy, I used yarns from tobucil. I don't know, whether the dye process is not that good or else, so it appears dirty or dull in some parts. This is the first time I ever created my own pattern! Yaaayyy!!

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