Star Wars: AT-ST

Inside AT-ST
thank you Mr. Bendjth for making me envy of your AT-AT, meanwhile I only got this Chicken Walker.

Star Wars: (Slightly) Bigger Figurine

Han Solo
Young Anakin
Queen Amidala
Darth Maul
Han Solo is my favorite. Erm, sorry for the bent saber, Lord Maul. I can't fix it, please be kind.

Star Wars: We're Made to Suffer, R2

Escape Pod
inside Escape pod
(The Escape Pod)

Star Wars: Bantha, & Sand People Gang

Sand People Gang
Bantha, Tusken & Gangs

Collect-O-Star Wars

The Micro Gang
For the next few posts, I would show you my small collect-o-starwars thingy. I retained them from no-longer-exist Toys'R'Us in now dying shopping center in South Jakarta, cereal box giveaway and ex-boyfriend (only for non Micro Machine figurines of Han Solo, Darth Maul & Queen Amidala). Most of them lacks of details, but I don't mind as long as I can recreate the scene from Star Wars Saga.


Jan 13

Jan 13
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Jan 4

Jan 4

(sorry for the gutter and ruled notebook, done on non daily drawing cartridge)