Mikisi's Patches

Do you own plain fabrics that needs to be embellished? Sew a patch above it. It is suitable for your lunchbag,  backpack, totebag, jacket, skirt, pencil case or anywhere plain.

Buat yang suka sama gaya tembel-tembelan di jaket, tas, selimut, kantong tempat makan, tempat pensil, Mikisi punya emblem yang cukup besar dan bisa dipotong sesuai selera. Belum diuji coba di jaket jeans kesukaan saya sih, tapi pasti sablonan Julian, partner saya itu, tahan lama. Sudah terbukti dengan emblem gambar angsa di jaket jeans saya.

Pouches, Don't Be Pouty

My partner in crime, co-owner of Mikisi, Julian, has been in a really good mood of screen printing. Thank god he's returning home, no longer in Yogya (the Merapi's erruption, remember?). He's spending his time with his cute cousin, cooking "sego pecel" and screen-printing. These are my old drawings, he turned it into pouches.


yip yip

song thrush


Mel Kadel Mini Museum


My first year of painting and drawing was heavily influenced and encouraged by the dynamic couple Travis Millard and Mel Kadel. In one of their reply (I remembered, she sent me a very-inspiring email before the exhibition Sumbu Roda, Yogyakarta, February 2008) she said about not to worry of having small works, I could fill the whole wall with bunch of assorted size drawings. Having a large canvas (or wall) doesn't mean we have to fill them up to the max. And her tools, .005 micron pen, is one of my favorite drawing tools until now. I have 3 black micron with the same size and blue and green in .02 size.

Wish I could have an altar to display their works.

mel kadel mini museum

For the Love of Bike and Postal Service

I was thinking of reusable envelope and how I go to the post office, then Julian drew, sewed and screen-printed the idea to these babies. 

(come in size of A5 with buttons to keep everything in the right place)

Bundle of Joy from Jules, Ms. V & Mr. Frnss

It has been months since last my birthday. I forgot to maintain my blog the way it used to be, but now I feel it has to come out. It's probably not a biggest birthday bash you have ever known, but somehow I really grateful the way I am now.

Here's my (open) note to them (in Bahasa Indonesia, but worry not there's the translation below):

Feransis, Julian dan Ika sayang,
Terima kasih atas semua hadiah hebatnya, ya teman-teman. Aku tidak akan mengukurnya seperti petugas bandara menghitung besar dan beratnya koperku kemarin, karena pasti timbangannya rusak untuk menghitung seberapa banyak kesabaran, pengertian, semangat dan cinta yang telah kalian berikan.
Terima kasih banyak.

(Feransis, Julian & Ika darling,

Thank you for these marvelous presents. I would never measure it like the airport guy did to my luggage the other day, by size or weight. If it's so, they must be having a big time in measuring how much love, courage, understanding, and patience all of you have given.
Thank you so much.


feransis' gifts
fish coaster by feransis
coasters with cup
From Feransis (handmade fish glass coasters and his robot art print)

bicycle art print by Sara Estes
outside poketo wallet
inside poketo wallet
extra button
From Ika Vantiani (Mel Kadel Poketo Wallet, Sara Estes Art print & rose pouch -not shown here)

curtains single
on the table
From Julian (bookshelf curtain, fabric envelope, Mikisi stamp, Mikisi pouches -will shown in separate post)