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the shinohara | 21x15 cm | ink on paper, lettering on photoshop

Thanks to Feransis, who lend me this endearing film "Cutie and The Boxer". It gave me more reason to put drawing on top of the list. 

Either making art for pleasure or living as an artist, is one of the rockiest road to travel, but somehow I knew, it is not easy to let go. Ride or die. Layak diperjuangkan deh. 

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Lembar Nyampah_1

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As I dug deeper with other client-oriented projects, I drove away from Radio Semut. I cannot cope with the broadcasting schedule, which I set it up on my own and feel overwhelmed by it. Hahaha. Broadcasting on internet radio is so much fun, I made new friends with listeners from another country. If running a radio supposedly done by a group of people, then slowly turned out to all operated and produced by a single person, it is no longer fun.

Nevertheless, nothing can stop my love of music or making a compilation for myself or others to listen to. Soundcloud seems did not accommodate this purpose, 8tracks I've loved got more complicated hence the copyright infringement for international user (ahem, third-world international user, ahem). Now on my own, I learned how to pre-mix my mixtape on Garage Band, threw in some album art and uploaded it to Mixcloud.

Recently I have two weekly mix and one random playlist, I took the title Randomist from my previous show on Radio Semut. Here's some of the mixtapes, in case you're looking some tunes to accompany you in filling paperworks and do some fun stuff.


We built this city, we built this cityyyy on 80's new wavaaaae!

After leaving daily shows at Radio Semut a couple of months ago, I miss go oingo boingo with 80's tunes with y'all! You can listen to selected 80s tunes tonight, 10.30 pm (JKT) at  www.mixlr.com/dindiepop


"It was a seven, The Demogorgon -- it got me"

(graphite on paper, 12 x 8 cm)

Will Byers is my most favorite character from Netflix's Stranger Things. He's low-key, good at hiding, love The Clash and so good at drawing wizards throwing green cabbage (spoiler alert: at the last episode, he received an Atari 2600 as Christmas present). While I was writing this post, somehow I develop few analysis about who's who at the movie. 


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On Being Invisible

I am on my way in reclaiming my old-self, by leaving an all-girls collective (I constantly annoyed by thousands convos I received daily on my phone, apart from being in a collective is not my thing after all and I won't let that happened to me again, ever), stepping up my drawing techniques and geeking-out on games, books and other fun stuff.

I think, I am more and more interested to be a kidney bean.

Kidney beans, it is a way to utter my feeling of longing for a new start. Sometimes it won't grow, no matter how hard you nurture it. In the other hand, if you just let it be, it will magically grow.

But as a virgo, I want everything within reach and predictable, so I believe more in careful planning and scientific calculations instead of just wing it.

Being invisible for me is just like beans.
The final result is actually there, but remains to be a hidden gem under certain circumstances. People won't care much about beans, since it stays under ground. What really matter is the sprouts.

Being invisible is not like Banksy or come up with gibberish pseudonyms.
It is about how I "standout" without shouting too loud about things. My family did not know that I had 2 cm wide pierced earlobes, until I let them see me without my piercings/plugs on. Well actually, no one realized it was that wide, even my boss and co-workers. For sure, the 2 cm thingy is not a biggie deal.

Being invisible is about how I develop my drawing skill.
It is so hard to find apprenticeship to a mecha or sci-fi artist. Sometimes I have to take hard ways to learn skills I want, such as spent weeks of working on the same piece and copious amount of sketch-erase-repeat to achieve certain shape and technique. Even accepting that I am not able to do certain style or shape is a part of it.

To be so good at things we love equals to sacrificing other things we love too. If I want to be good at playing Magic The Gathering, I have to spent more times playing Magic Duels on Steam and testing my decks with other player at game nights. I am not afraid of being bored through the repeated phases.


Zelembar Zombie Zehari - 3

Curiosity kills!
"Even more troubling, the voices seemed to be moving into the hallway. The stretch of hallway just beyond her slightly open hotel room door.
Leia didn't know what was happening, but she knew she wanted no part of it.
She lay perfectly still, using a yoga technique to calm her breathing, hoping that Donnie would return, but gradually understanding that, for whatever reason, he wasn't coming back.
I've got a bad feeling about this, she thought." 
(Anderson, Kevin David & Sam Stall. Night of the Living Trekkies. Chapter 4, p.52-53) 
Now I'm reaching the end, on chapter 27 to be precise. Woot!

Zelembar Zombie Zehari - 2

Inspired from Night of the Living Trekkies, Chapter 4: The Cage
Meanwhile, in a distant level of the hotel far, far away, Princess Leia Organa handcuffed by the wrists to the headboard of a queen-size bed. 
The man holding the key to her freedom was named Donnie Trill. he was a self-styled Web entrepreneur, videographer, and the closest thing she had to a confidant. They'd known each other for about a year. Whenever Trill needed a female model for one of his oddball internet video projects --and had cash in hand-- he gave her a call. 
[...] As Donnie switched on the camera, something thumped the wall above her head...a moan wafted through the wall...There was a second thump, followed by a short high-pitched scream.
"You need to shut them up," Leia said
Donnie turned off the camera and its light and then started toward the door  
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Zelembar Zombie Zehari

Sejak weekend lalu saya serius baca buku zombie. Saya tidak pernah tertarik pada tema zombie sebelumnya. Kalau bukan karena embel-embel "Trekkies", pasti sudah saya tinggal di toko dan tak akan membawanya pulang. Di akhir pekan kemarin saya masuk ke bagian serunya. Sampai hari ini saya masih deg-degan penasirun. Dengar bunyi pesan di ponsel sewaktu membaca, saya terkejut. Sempat kebawa mimpi sedikit juga. 

Buku ini sebetulnya tidak sadis-sadis amat, kadang lucu malah, dan pastinya Star Trek references scattered all over the places (I'm talking to you T'Pol from Mirror Universe).

Nah, dalam rangka bulan puasa yang jamnya serba panjang, saya akan memulai mini seri komik baru tentang bagaimana perasaan saya dalam membaca buku zombie ini. Digambar di kertas A4 warna pink muda yang dibagi 6 dan gel pen warna biru. 

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