New Artwork for Randomist Show at Radio Semut

(graphite on paper + retouch in photoshop)
For past 6 months, I am airing regularly at this indie radio station called Radio Semut. This radio previously owned by one of my good friend Adi Restiadi. Now together with Julian, we are managing this radio in new format.

I, who work freelance and got so many times for mind-wandering, am doing basically anything, from creating show (Randomist, Pusaka Beatnika and more to come), making playlist, pitching ideas for the show, PR-ing and promoting. DIY ethos is still handy in any situation, right?

Once Adi told me to have several artwork to use in our show, so we know who's the DJ and such. So here comes the idea of mish-mashing all the things I like in one scene. UFO, commet, giant lizards and polkadots. I also hand drawn the font and rearrange it with Photoshop. Thank you Shalimma & Aulia who picked exactly the same color scheme, that reminds me so much of The Clash's London Calling album. Now I got my personalized artwork for my show! wooot!

(I took pictures of the drawing process on my instagram, in case you are curious)