For the Love of Bike: Yellow BMX Fingerbike

yellow BMX fingerbike
fingerbike up
mini spare parts
mini yellow fingerbike

Jules found this at the toy store, after I talked continuously about another BMX toy we found and it's so pricey. He said it's ridiculous for a plastic toy, he'd bought it if it was a die-cast like tomica.
Then he found this baby, which also comes in very seductive red and waaaaaayyy cheaper than the cranky plastic. The good news is: it's a die-cast.

I've tried few times to play some trick, can you imagine that it has real-working brake if you press down the button on the handle bar and seat? or a real-working crank and 360 degrees spinning front? It's beyond expectation. Imagine Tech Deck fingerboard, but in a shape of bike.

Screw You

knick knacks ephemera
Found upon a colleague's desk, with random phone number on the back.


New Notebook Designs on Mikisi's Shop

kitsune back & front
kitsune bindinggunting merah & hijau
binding "gunting"hot air balloon
binding hot air balloon

Mikisi just launched three new notebook design you could see at the blog. It fits well in your pocket and sturdy enough to accompany you from a rocky road to number nine cloud. Stenciled in very different manner from other mikisi's notebook, any of you would receive different results and designs. Available in limited editions :)