Master Study: Jean Giraud (Moebius)

Last week, I had this strangest dream of entering Arzach world. Perhaps it was a sign for me to incorporate more bright pastels on my works, just like Sir Jean Giraud did. I scrolled over his works and did this master study based on his color palette and the character I saw on my dream. 

My drawing is for sure nothing compare to Moebius, but I learned a couple of things: 1) to make a black and white line as solid as possible, 2) to prepare color palette beforehand, 3) prepare rags or paper towel if you are working with pen and ink, sometimes it would get messy without even you knowing it. 
Moebius' works as my references 

As a bonus, I will leave you with No Doubt-The Ska EP, that I found today. Oh they're so good in covering Guns of Navarone and Ghost Town! (I like how Amy Winehouse and No Doubt had the same EP cover theme for their take on ska, classic 2Tone.)

Track list:
 //Live Side//A1 Guns Of Navaronne /A2 Racist Friend /A3 Move On/Ghost Town 
//Lost Moon Ska Sessions//B1 Up Yours /B2 Everything 's Gone Wrong

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